Media Influence: Research

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Use this template to analyse one of the following Media Influence studies.

Media Influence Research

Facebook Study

Facebook manipulates 700k users’ newsfeeds in secret study prompting backlash

Nasty People in the Media Prime the Brain for Aggression

Raunchy popstars a bad influence on little kids

Real to Me: Girls and Reality TV Sexual Content in Movies May Predict Teen Sexual Behaviour

SpongeBob may impair 4-year-olds’ brains

Television ‘breakups’ cause some viewers distress

Videogames can encourage good behavior in youth

Violent TV Shows Keep Young Kids Awake

Less Screen Time Improves Social Skills Among Preteens

Video Games Make You More Racist, Study Says

Raising Children on TV Disrupts Their Ability to Pay Attention and Learn

MTV Public Policy: How 16 and Pregnant Reduced Teen Motherhood

Stressed out? Watching TV, playing video games may make you feel worse

Boring TV Shows Make You Eat 52% More

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