Media Production: Part A

In Media Production

The theme of your video for this outcome is:


The video produced for this Outcome may be entered into various film competitions and may be used within other classes in the school. This means that your short film must be appropriate for a secondary school setting and must abide by all Australian Copyright Laws.

Video Production Design Plan

Working individually, create a production design plan for a video product 3 – 5 minutes in length. Your production design plan must contain both written planning and visual representations for your idea. It includes your treatment, script and storyboard.

The Treatment

You need to write a full Treatment for your video on the theme of ‘Connect’, which will be correctly formatted and  include:

  • Concept
  • Characters
  • Synopsis
The Script

A full script is required, making sure it is formatted properly and on the theme of ‘Connect’. Your script needs the following:

  • Cover page
  • Action paragraphs
  • Dialogue
The Storyboard

You need to storyboard your script. I expect at least 36 frames of a storyboard. If you aren’t storyboarding the entire video, choose a section you think will be the hardest to shoot.

Your storyboard:

  • will have clear drawings on what each frame looks like.
  • will include shot sizes for each frame.
  • describe any dialogue/sound in each frame.
  • correctly show any camera movement.
Due Date

Your finished Production Design Plan must be handed in printed out and stuck into your Visual Diary or within a presentation folio. Digital submissions will not be admitted.

The Production Design Plan is due by 4.30pm, Thursday 17th July.  In accordance with school policy, late submissions without approved extension or absence may not be accepted and may result in an N for the Outcome and for the Unit.


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