Year 12 Transition and Holiday Homework

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Narrative holiday homework

Narrative is a big subject, so you need to start thinking about it now. Here are some things you need to be doing over the holidays.
1. Read Chapter 7 of Heinemann Media
We will be going through the story and production elements thoroughly but before that I need you to have a basic understanding of them. A quick read of this chapter will help along your understanding.
2. Create a Poster and presentation of your chosen production or story element
Poster: Create a poster that is A3 size about your chosen element. The poster should define the main concepts of the element, give a general introduction to the element and have pictures/screenshots of good examples of the element. Use your textbook and the internet for research. You may choose to do this digitally and print it off the A3 printer in the DMC.
Presentation: You will be required to give a short presentation on your element. 
You will need to find 2 clips from youtube that are good examples of your element. In your presentation you will describe how the element is used in the clip and how it engages the audience.

3. PDP

The first few pages of Production Design Plan (PDP) for your SAT should be the SAT Brainstorming handout you completed in transition (leave a page for the contents page!). After that brainstorming should be several pages of research and exploration on what your chosen product may be about or look like.


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