“Let me see through your eyes. Let us Teach each other here in this great lodge of the people, this Sun Dance, of each of the ways on this great Medicine Wheel, our Earth.”

Taken from the book Seven Arrows, Hyemeyohsts Storm.

The Way We Roll…

We are not a factory. We are not an assembly line. We do not churn out the same solution to the same design challenge, time after time after time. We craft solutions. We listen. We think. Every project is unique and so is every solution. More personal attention is given. New ideas, innovation and expression are encouraged, not feared.

MedicineWheel does not simply pay lip service to sustainability and then practice our craft in the easiest way possible. We strive for higher standards. We aspire to more altruistic goals. We attempt to be more conscious, aware and wise in the choices we make. Planning and Design choices have a direct impact on the quality and longevity of our society and the development of our population.

Medicine Wheel