Lee Garrard

Everything is possible.

A brief introduction to MedicineWheel

Within every project lies the potential to create something truly extraordinary. The needs of Mankind do not end with aesthetics. There is an emotional and intellectual component to human beings as well as a side that celebrates beauty and function. As a society, we ought to consider the total needs of our population and incorporate these into a design process. This is what develops people. This is the link between man and nature. This is what Medicine Wheel is all about.

MedicineWheel, LLC began in 2007 as a Landscape Architecture design studio dedicated to the utilization of low impact strategies, the development of people who use the places we help create, and an insatiable respect for land. The two halves of this studio are Lee Walden Garrard and Lauren Ann Stubbs. Having a combined twenty years of experience in the field, the design team at MedicineWheel has experience in virtually all types of projects.

The primary focus of MedicineWheel resides in Perception. The way we perceive our projects is this... We come to the table with NO preconceived ideas, only the desire to discover what the true needs of our clients are. The Landscape Architect should continually strive to be a generalist, not a specialist. As generalists, we are able to coordinate all of the different disciplines associated with the design process, and direct them into an organized whole.