Lee Garrard

Lauren A. Stubbs, ASLA


Lauren graduated from the University of Georgia’s School of Environmental Design in 2000 with a Bachelor’s degree in Landscape Architecture. She began her career working with the Robert Winthrop Family, assisting with the design and management of their 400 acre private residence located outside of Athens, GA. This rural land was managed for timber and wildlife. Lauren designed an extensive system of trails and wildlife corridors to allow family and visitors to experience the beauty of this natural environment. It was under the guidance of Robert Winthrop that Lauren discovered her passion to preserve, protect and enhance habitats valuable to wildlife.

In 2001 Lauren joined DesignWorks, a nationally recognized Urban Design, Town Planning and Landscape Architecture firm located in Charleston, South Carolina. This opportunity offered Lauren valuable experience working on an array of projects including private residences, parkway and community park design, resort planning and large scale master planning. It was through this exposure that Lauren augmented her skills in Landscape Architecture and developed a desire to take them further into the direction of Conservation Ecology, and working with the land instead of against it.

Lauren embraces Conservation Ecology and the Sustainable Design movement and she succeeds in incorporating these design principles into every project. She is a dedicated and enthusiastic proponent of natural systems as a replacement for high impact development practices, and a skilled designer in utilizing these systems to accommodate almost any program.

It was with all of this in mind that Lauren decided to become one half of MedicineWheel. Through this studio, Lauren’s goal is to promote low-impact strategies and be an industry leader as the world continues to shift toward sustainability.