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Bixler Residence

Kiawah Island, SC | Architect: Camens Architectural Group, LLC

This site is so very special, that Medicine Wheel jumped at the chance to be a part of this project. Situated on a small peninsula reaching out into the Kiawah River, the property interfaces with the fragile beauty of the marsh in such a meaningful way, that only the most sensitive of designers can fully appreciate the importance of utilizing a truly delicate approach. Medicine Wheel’s intention is to seamlessly create and celebrate the relationship of the man made environment as it meets the natural environment.

Kathy Bixler, being a gardener and designer herself, fully understands sensitivity of approach and is working hand in hand with Medicine Wheel to preserve and revere the link between Man and Nature. Stubborn preservation of the existing, careful consideration of the proposed, and most importantly, prudent selection of the most low-impact methods of installation rule the day with this project.

Native plants, biomorphic planting arrangements, companion planting, texture and the randomness of nature help produce the environment that will blend this man made environment into the natural. It is the goal of the Client and Design Team for this residence to receive the Kiawah Island Conservancy Habitat Improvement Sweetgrass Award.

Key words: Low-impact, preservation, care, habitat, interface, beauty and nature.

“I am not trying to replicate nature… I am trying to find out the principles she is using.”
— Buckminster Fuller