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Harris Residence

Kiawah Island, SC | Architect: Camens Architectural Group, LLC

The Courtyard is the heart of this proposed residence. Medicine Wheel, LLC is working fastidiously with Camens Architectural Design Group to produce a recreational program for this area that will adhere to the interests of the family and produce an environment that makes the occupants feel absolutely secure and comfortable as they engage in their pursuit of fun. A basketball court, a garden pool and an outdoor kitchen facility will offer the creature comforts and entertainment so very necessary to family interaction. A partial overhead trellis creates the human scale necessary for making families enjoy a positive emotional response to their environment. In addition, large, existing, overhead Live Oak limbs will be preserved to allow them to span the airspace over this courtyard and create interest and natural beauty. High walls and attractive fencing surround this courtyard and unite the area with the interior of the home. Privacy also goes a long way in creating a secure emotional response to the created atmosphere and the proposed wall system will help the Harris family feel as if this courtyard is truly their own world.

Man is a part of nature, and yet he has in large part cut himself off from all of the rhythms of nature. This will not occur at the Harris residence. Nature pours itself into the home and courtyard. Massive Live Oaks exist throughout the property and envelop the home with a green, overhead ceiling. Most of the combined lots will be left wild and in a natural state however, an aggressively planted buffer will shield the home from activity on surrounding roads.


Key Words: Seclusion, recreation, nature, beauty, human scale.