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Smith Residence

Kiawah Island, SC | Architect: Camens Architectural Group, LLC

This lovely home is located on Cougar Point Golf Course on Kiawah Island. Extraordinary long views down the fairway coupled with the seclusion of surrounding homes provide a sense of solitude and monumental space.
The property is almost entirely under the canopy of huge grand Live Oaks which provide an almost cathedral like atmosphere, and create shade and human scale. The design intent was to incorporate a lush planting palette that included numerous varieties of ferns to create the psychological perception that the property is a cool, moist environment, even during the summer heat.

The Smith family uses this property as a retreat therefore, Medicine Wheel felt that amplifying the feelings of solitude and relaxation would be vital components in maximizing the client’s emotional reaction to their environment. Native grasses provide a soft, feathery, texture that promote feelings of ease and relaxation. Masses of Bears Breeches add a broad, succulent texture and will provide an amazing visual impact when in bloom. The shapes of the proposed planting beds and lawn are in a sweeping curvilinear form and add to the perception of relaxation.

Key words: Beauty, requiescence, ease, calm.