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Stubbs Residence

Greensboro, Georgia

This property owned by Mary Stubbs is located along the picturesque waters of Lake Oconee. The Piedmont atmosphere is prevalent throughout this amazing piece of land. The sparkling, pristine waters of Lake Oconee provide an amazing vista through the rolling topography and its diverse species of native Piedmont hardwood trees.

The word to consider for this residence was “Family.” Ms. Stubbs’s direct intention was to create the best atmosphere possible for family gatherings and to facilitate ease and comfort as family and visitors gathered to enjoy the lake and its views across the water. An outdoor kitchen, spacious patio complete with a permanent, architectural trellis system was conceptualized to create the gathering location. The slopes that gradually lead down to the water were planted with native species and accentuate the long views over the water. A dock and seating node were conceptualized for the lake’s edge to promote interaction with the water.

Adequate parking was created for the home to accommodate visitors, and a beautiful stone wall was conceptualized for the front portion of the property to provide privacy, security and seclusion from the outside world. Small gardens beautify the front of the home and slowly transition into a natural, wild state as the visitor proceeds down the slope toward the water.

Key Words: Family, nature, long views, piedmont.